A VIRAL VIDEO for KC: A (Lorde) song for the KC Royals

Absolutely amazing!! This a must listen/watch for all KC Royals fans and MLB fans. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to First Cut Live on 88.9 the RAGE to hear our predictions for the 2014 MLB season. GO ROYALS!!!!

FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City Royals fan reworked the pop hit song by Lorde called “Royals” and made it more relevant to his favorite MLB team.

YouTube user “John Long” is likely to get many more views on Monday, when the Royals open their season in Detroit.

The season opener begins at 12:08 p.m. against the Tigers in Comerica Park. They’ll play a three-game series there and then come home for Friday’s home opener against the White Sox.

FOX 4 is looking forward to the home opener!  Make sure you tune into FOX 4 for coverage all day long. Fans believe this is our year!

In the meantime, enjoy John Long’s parody of the hit pop song by Lorde called “Royals”. See the lyrics and his social media information below the video player. Also, you can see Lode’s original music video for her song “Royals” at the bottom of this…

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March Madness is upon us…As is the First Cut Live Bracket Challenge

The magical time of the year when 68 college teams get to play for the lucrative National Championship is finally upon us. “March Madness” as it is called truly does live up to its namesake of “Madness.” An analyst, fan, coach or player can never truly predict what will happen during the tournament, take for example the incredible runs made by Florida Gulf Coast and Wichita St. last year. Another example would be when Mizzou and Duke both lost in the Round of 64 as two seeds to a 15 seed. Both examples are prime cases of why the NCAA Division I Mens’ Basketball Tournament receives the name “March Madness.” We here at First Cut Live would like to introduce the people of the world or just Ottawa, KS, which ever one seems fit, to the Inaugural First Cut Live Bracket Challenge. The First Cut Live Bracket Challenge will take place on ESPN. Each contestant is limited to one bracket and the winner will have braggin’ rights as well as having the opportunity to join Sean and Chance on air for a show to discuss your strategy at selecting the correct teams. If you would like to take part in the First Cut Live Bracket Challenge click here and fill out your bracket. Good Luck and May the games be ever in your favor.

The Lakers’ worst loss in franchise history, by the numbers

Absolutely pathetic effort by the Los Angels Lakers. Something needs to be in the works right now to get that teamed turned around and headed in the right direction. No players are happy there and Kobe is still out and when he does come back he wont contribute that much.


The Clippers beat the Lakers, 142-94, Thursday night – the biggest loss in Lakers history. In the spirit of Lakers schadenfreude, let’s dig a little deeper into the blowout:

  • 48 – Margin of victory/defeat, the largest for the Clippers/Lakers in each franchise’s history
  • 3 – Years since any team has been beaten so badly. The Lakers beat the Cavaliers, 112-57, in 2011.
  • 2 – Number of times any NBA team has outscored an opponent by at least 30 points in a quarter since 2001
  • 2 – Number of times the Clippers have outscored an opponent by at least 30 points in a quarter this season. They topped the Lakers 44-13 in the second quarter Thursday and the 76ers 46-15 in the first quarter Feb. 9
  • 31 – Lakers’ rebounding deficit, worst by any team this season
  • 4 – Double-doubles by the Clippers: Blake Griffin (20 points and 11 rebounds), Matt…

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Frank Jobe, inventor of Tommy John surgery, passes away at age 88


Sad news to pass along this evening, as Tommy John surgery pioneer Dr. Frank Jobe has passed away at the age of 88.

Jobe worked for the Dodgers for 50 years and is best known for performing the first-ever unlar collateral ligament reconstructive elbow surgery on left-handed pitcher Tommy John on September 25, 1974. While it was a last-ditch effort to save his career, John went on to pitch 14 more seasons.

The procedure, which would eventually be known as Tommy John surgery, changed the sport and has extended the careers of countless pitchers. Jobe was honored in Cooperstown last July for the groundbreaking surgery, but many have argued that he belongs in the Hall of Fame. It’s hard to think of many people who have had a bigger impact on the game of baseball.

Here’s a statement from Dodgers president Stan Kasten:

“Frank Jobe is a Hall of Famer…

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Travi and Whitey in the Morning- Draft talk, Michael Vick to Vikings, Sixers Tanking and more…

Travie and Seanzie in the AM

Quite a few things to talk about on Travi and Whitey in the Morning! Today we cover Todd McShay’s latest NFL mock draft, Adrian Peterson’s efforts to get Michael Vick and the 76ers so-called NBA basketball team.

In the latest NFL mock draft by Todd McShay, he has the Houston Texans selecting Blake Bortles out of UCF as the #1 overall pick. This is a large leap for Bortles who’s draft stock went up after his impressive performance in the combine. McShay saying the Texans will take him #1 is a very interesting decision in my mind. He is a very talented quarterback and proved that in bowl season, but, the Texans have been showing signs of not selecting a QB with their first pick and searching out a free agent. The Texans desperately need a playmaker at quarterback, which leads you to believe they would select one of the…

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KC Blues Rugby team is up on a roof until they raise $25,000 for homeless families

FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Blues Rugby team made a commitment to help the homeless and that means they aren’t coming down from a roof until they reach their monetary goal.

The team volunteers ascended to the roof Thursday afternoon to ‘camp-out for cash’. The squad is helping the River of Refuge organization, which helps find a permanent home for homeless families.

The roof where they’ve pitched their tents will soon be the River of Refuge Transitional Living Center, 5155 Raytown Road.  The money raised will help River of Refuge open its first 11 apartments to provide refuge for working parents and their children who are homeless.

River of Refuge research shows about 300 to 400 working families currently live in motels with their children in the Kansas City area.

At about 6:45 Friday morning, the rugby team had raised just over $5,000. Their goal is…

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College Basketball, One-n-Done…


Have you ever thought about the requirements to enter the NBA draft? No, I didn’t think so. Well the requirements to enter the NBA are 1. Complete at least one season at the college level, and 2. Must be at least 18 years of age. If you are a sane person like me, then you would be questioning the NBA and asking “So what if they have a career ending injury in their early 20s and have only completed one year of college?” No young man that goes to the NBA after one year in college will ever want to go back after experiencing what they have in the pros. However they are going to need to go back to school if that happens because they will not have enough money to live off of and they will not have an education that could even get them a entry level job. My opinion is that the NBA should raise the requirement to three years of competition at the collegiate level. The reason being is that 1. they will be at least 21 years of age and 2. they will have at minimum an associate’s degree or even possibly a bachelors if they take summer classes and are on top of things while in school. Young men that go to play college basketball dream of being in the pros after their first year so they can earn money and provide for their families. If the NBA continues to allow a bunch of teenagers to entry the league then nobody in the NBA will be educated enough to say lets do taxes or other things that are important to function in life. Yes, they will be rich and will have assistants to do that but it is still something a person should know how to do. I honestly think that it would be better for these young men and for the NBA if the NBA Draft requirements were changed.

And the conference champ was who??

ACC Logo

So coming into this basketball season, all eyes were on the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) to see how dominate the conference would be. Eyes were focused on the ACC because of Syracuse joining the conference and everyone was eagerly awaiting the match-up between them and Duke but this regular season was dominated by upsets and knockoffs. It all began when Duke lost their first conference game to a struggling Notre Dame team then losing to Clemson, Syracuse, North Carolina, and now the most recent lost as of March 5, 2014 was a 10 point loss to Wake Forrest. Duke will play their final regular season game on March 8th against the TarHeels of North Carolina, but this is a Blue Devil team that now has seven loses on the season and five in conference. So you must think if you are a college basketball fan, “What Duke team will show up to play?” My prediction is that Duke will lose on Senior Night to UNC by a score of 87-72. Now on to Syracuse, a team that started the season 25-0, and held the #1 spot on the AP Top 25 for several weeks, but now they have lost four of the last five games. If this isn’t a massive collapse of a team then I don’t know what is. Don’t get me wrong this is a very talented Syracuse roster but the stretch lately I don’t think they will make through the conference tournament and might not even make it through the Sweet 16 when March Madness rolls around. Finally, I can talk about a team that shocked the conference and the sports world, and that team is Virginia. Everyone expected Virginia to be a middle of the pack ACC team but instead they fought hard all season long and knocked off the teams that they needed too. By fighting hard playing the full 40minutes of the game this Virginia team has climbed into the #5 spot in the latest AP Top 25 and have also clinched the regular season conference championship in the ACC. I predict Virginia to win the ACC Conference Tournament and to be at least a #2 or #3 seed when the NCAA Tournament gets here.